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List of Labs

Area (in Sq.m)
1Basic Workshop335
2CAD Lab126
3Lathe Shop251
4Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab237
5Metallurgy Lab360
6Strength of Materials Lab335
7CAM Lab45
8CNC machines Lab126
9Fluid power Lab84
10Metal forming and Special Machines Lab251
11Metrology and Inspection Lab90
12Welding and Foundry Lab237
13Mechatronics Lab84
TOTAL :2561

Basic Workshop

S. No
Major Equipments
1Demolition hammerRs. 1,69,908.00
2Welding Transformer 300 amps
3Bench Drilling Machine

Basic Workshop
Basic Workshop

Computer Aided Design Lab

S. No.
Major Utilities
1Intel core 2.duo 2.9GhZProcessor Intel  DG 41 RQ Mother Board 2 GB DDR2.RAM Seagate 250 GB sata Hard Disk Drive LG 19”TFT Monitor  Microsoft Kit Mercury  CabinetRs. 21,98,377.00
2UPS – 10 KVA
UPS – 06 KVA
3HP Laser Jet Printer
6PRO-E  5.0
7Solid Works
8Edge CAM
9Ansys 10.0
10NX CAD/CAM Unigraphics

Computer Aided Design Lab
Computer Aided Design Lab

Lathe Shop

S. No
Major Equipments
1Padmani student all gear latheRs.11,94,161.00
2All gear lathe – PL - 4
3Norton gear Lath – PL - 4
4All gear lath panther brand
5Omega Norton  gear lathe
6Turret Lathe
7Capstan turret Lathe
8Cone Pulley – PL  - 4
9Radial Drilling machine
10Sensitive Drilling machine
11Banka brand 4 ½’’ lathe machine all gear
Lathe Shop

Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab

S. No
Major Equipments
1CNC Jr. Milling Machine (With Master Software)Rs. 48,42,939.00
2CNC Lath Machine (With MINIT Software)
3LV45 Mini Vertical Machining  Centre
4LL15tL3 CNC Lathe Machine
Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab

Mechatronics Lab

Major Equipments
1Lab view software with computer based data loggingRs. 11,66,088.00
2Automation studio
3Basic pneumatics trainer kit  (With Accessories)
4Electro pneumatics trainer kit (With Accessories)
5Electro basic pneumatics trainer kit with PLC (With Accessories)
6Air compressor
7Stepper motor Interfacing Board & 8051 CPU Card
8Servo controller Interfacing for Open loop
9Servo controller Interfacing for Closed loop
10PID Controller Trainer kit
11Intel P4 3.02 GHz 102 GGC Mother Board, 512 MB Ram, 80Gb SATA, Samsung CD ROM, Optical mouse, Samsung key board, ATX Cabinet (black)
12Intel P4 3.02 GHz 102 GGC Mother Board, 512 MB Ram, 80Gb SATA, Samsung DVD-RW ROM, Optical mouse, Samsung key board, ATX Cabinet (black)
13Intel core 2.duo 2.9GhZProcessor Intel  DG 41 RQ Mother Board 2 GB DDR2.RAM Seagate 250 GB sata Hard Disk Drive LG 19”TFT Monitor  Microsoft Kit Mercury  Cabinet

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab

S. No
Amount (Rs)
1Binocular Microscope METZ-5715,500.00
2Trinocular Microscope with Image analyser2,00,000.00
3Cutoff wheel machine20,000.00
4Electric Muffle furnace32,500.00
5Hot air oven15,000.00
6Double disk polishing machine45,000.00
7Jominy end quench apparatus39,000.00
8Bunsen burner 2950.00
9Sand rammer19,000.00
10Sieve shaker38,500.00
11Universal strength machine57,700.00
12Permeability meter26,000.00
13Clay washer14,500.00
14Infrared moisture balance15500.00
15Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope22500.00
16Belt polisher16500.00
17Wall charts 2250.00
18Metallography Consumables16850.00
Total in Rs.4,19,250.00

Metallurgy Lab

S. No
Amount (Rs)
1Binocular Microscope METZ-57115,500.00
2Trinocular Microscope with Image analyser12,00,000.00
3Cutoff wheel machine120,000.00
4Electric Muffle furnace132,500.00
5Hot air oven115,000.00
6Double disk polishing machine145,000.00
7Jominy end quench apparatus139,000.00
8Bunsen burner12950.00
9Sand rammer119,000.00
10Sieve shaker138,500.00
11Universal strength machine157,700.00
12Permeability meter126,000.00
13Clay washer114,500.00
14Infrared moisture balance115,500.00
15Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope122,500.00
16Belt polisher116,500.00
17Wall charts32250.00
18Metallography Consumables-16,850.00
19Specimen Mounting Press270,000.00
20Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope241,700.00
21Rockwell Hardness Tester145,500.00
Total in Rs.7,56,450.00

Metallurgy Lab
Metallurgy Lab

Metal forming lab

S. No
Amount (Rs)
1Hydraulic Press (50 T)       6,98,750.00
2Spark Erosion Machine (EDM)        3,63,000.00
3Ericsen Cupping Tester        49,470.00
4Two High Rolling Mill        1,25,950.00
1Forming tool (1 set)        56,000.00
2Die for Drawing (1 set)        48,000.00
3Die for micro forming (1 set)        45,000.00
1Servo Lubrication Oil (2 Barrels)        63,112.00
2Kerosene (100 litres)       6700.00
Total in Rs.    14,55,982.00

Strength of Materials Laboratory

S. No
Major Equipments
1Torsion testing machineRs. 6,15,742.00
2Erichsen tester
3Brinell Hardness test
4Universal testing machine
5Tensile tester
6Fatigue testing machine
7Impact Testing Machine

Special Machines Lab

S. No
Major Equipments
1Slotting machineRs. 19,36,537.00
2Shaping machine – I
3Shaping machine – II
4Turret vertical milling machine
5Universal milling machine - I
6Universal milling machine - II
7Universal milling machine - II
8Surface grinding machine
9Hydraulic surface grinding machine
10Cylindrical grinding machine
11Tool and cutter  grinding machine
12Gear hobbing machine

Metrology and Inspection lab

S. No.
Major Equipments
1Surface Comparison chart EnglandRs. 4,09,668.00
2Profile Projector With Accessories Metz – 801A
3Optical Auto Collimator
4Tool Makers Microscope
5Pneumatic comparator set - 1
6Floating carriage micrometer
8Vibration Measurement setup

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